Variations on Two Photographs by Tina Modotti
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Originally, the images of Variations on two photographs by Tina Modotti were engraved directly on 16mm film to be projected as a backdrop for Louis Bédard's choreographic piece entitled Elles, which was inspired by the life and work of the well-known Mexican photographer Tina Modotti. My animations were particularly inspired by two images, first a photography of roses and second a photography of telegraphic wires, suggesting on the one hand an intimate and enclosed universe and, on the other, an infinite opening of space full of potential messages. I have reworked and developed them into an almost abstract meditative drama, caught in a tension between those two photographs.

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Pierre Hébert
Pierre Hébert
Ana Lara
Michel F. Côté
Pierre Hébert

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"And yet, something in Pierre Hébert’s recent work seems to locate it at the very heart of young filmmakers’ concerns, meaning the utopias of the immediacy of lightness, those dreams of writing with a camera which underlie the projects of more or less formal and activist groups such as Kino and others. Recently, I watched Hébert’s latest work, Variations on Two Photographs by Tina Modotti, and had the following thought: this man illustrates better than anyone the very contemporary idea of the filmmaker who is able to produce a film very quickly in an almost autonomous manner. Indeed Pierre Hébert has developed an art in keeping with his means, and he seeks to develop his means in keeping with his art."

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Intimacy, Openness, Contrast, Opposition, Image